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What Do Snapchat Emojis Mean?

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Emojis from Snapchat are images that appear in the app by your friends’ names. These emojis represent various degrees of social contact and friendship. They let you quickly let others know on Snapchat emoji how you feel about them. Emojis can represent the closeness of friends or the frequency of snaps being exchanged. You can navigate the platform and improve your conversation by being familiar with these emoticons’ meanings. They make your interactions more enjoyable and visually appealing, which makes using Snapchat emoji as a social platform more interesting.

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What do heart emojis mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat emoji, heart emoticons are used to express various levels of friendship and connection with your friends. These are the definitions of the Snapchat heart emoji:

Your relationship with another Snapchat emoji user is strong and durable, as represented by the blue heart emoji. It typically comes after the yellow heart emoji.

The blue heart emoji symbolizes a solid and enduring friendship between you and another Snapchat emoji user. It typically comes after the yellow heart emoji.

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Purple Heart means on Snapchat

 snapchat purple heart image
 snapchat purple heart image

The Snapchat purple heart emoji represents closeness and support for each other. This means that you two have a strong bond.

Blue Heart means on Snapchat.

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 If you and another Snapchat emoji user are friends, it means you have a close and lasting relationship.

Pink Heart means on Snapchat:

If there is a pink heart next to the name of the other user, you have been best friends with them for at least two months.

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Red Heart means on Snapchat:

This emoji shows if you and another person have been best friends on Snapchat emoji for two consecutive week

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Gold Star emoji on Snapchat

Within the last 24 hours, someone has repeated this user’s snap.

Gold star image

What follows the Snapchat pink heart

Following the pink hearts on chat, many other Snapchat heart emojis represent different degrees of achievement and friendship.

Baby with Hearts: After two months of being best friends, the baby emoji appears followed by a heart emoji. It highlights how durable your friendship is.

❤️❤️ After the baby with hearts, you will see the two red hearts emoji, which indicates that you have been best friends for the past two years. It stands for an established friendship.

Smiley face: This emoji expresses your close friendship and the frequency with which you share photos with the other person.

Zodiac emoji meanings on Snapchat

On Snapchat emoji, there is no direct connection between zodiac emojis and user interactions. The emojis listed above have to do with the volume and kind of communication between Snapchat friends.


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About Other Emojies on Snapchat

😎 sunglasses emoji on Snapchat: You and the other person are said to have the same best friend if you use this Snapchat emoji. This shows up when both of you send pictures to the same person frequently.

😁 Smiley Face: This Snapchat emoji indicates that you and the other person are best friends, but you don’t share the same level of communication as you would with a person who has a smiley face emoji. Is.

😊smirking Face: This emoji conveys that you are one of the other person’s best friends, but they are not yours. You send them lots of pictures, but they don’t send you many in return. However, you receive more photos from them

Cute Face: This emoji indicates that even though you both have the same best friend, you interact with them less than you do with your best friend.

However, you receive more photos from them

Emoji on Snapchat story

Emojis can be added to your story on Snapchat to convey a specific meaning or improve the context of your post. The most frequently used Emojis in Snapchat Stories are shown below along with their specific meanings:

Smiley Face: This Snapchat emoji shows tenderness, happiness, or humor in your story.

Heart eyes: People often use this Snapchat emoji to show worship or enthusiasm. In other words, your story emphasizes something you find appealing or fascinating.

Party popper

The party popper is a popular emoji to express happiness or excitement. This means that your story has something to do with a happy or celebratory occasion.

Eyes emoticon on Snapchat story

On Snapchat stories, the eye emoji is often used to pique the viewer’s interest or create tension. The eyes emoji can suggest that something is interesting or appealing to see in your story. This encourages readers to click on your narrative to learn more about it or focus on a particular section. In essence, it acts as a tease or invitation for viewers to interact with your content and find out what’s going on behind those prying eyes.

Can you edit the friend emojis?

Yes, you can change the emojis that represent your Snapchat friends to any emoji you like.

Android phone Snapchat emoji customization:

Click on your profile image in the top left corner of the Snapchat app once it is open.

On the Settings icon, click.

Click Customise Emojis as you scroll down.

After selecting the emoji you wish to change, everything is set.

Making Snapchat emoticons on an iPhone your own:

After opening the Snapchat app, click on your profile picture in the upper left corner.

Make a click on the Settings icon.

By scrolling down, choose to Manage under Additional Services.

Tap Friend Emojis.

Select a category to modify.

Next, decide which emoji you want to use to symbolize this group.

To save your changes, click the back arrow

Advantages of Snapchat emoji

Emojis are useful on Snapchat because they quickly convey the dynamics and status of your social network friendships. Your close friends, friends with whom you share interests, and the people you interact with frequently can all be quickly identified with their help. Your chats and stories will be more fun as a result of humorous and expressive elements that include Snapchat emojis like hearts and happy faces.

Disadvantages of Snapchat emojis:

 Snapchat emojis may have a disadvantage in that, not everyone will always understand what they mean or have a natural understanding of what they mean. Even though using emojis can be fun, some users may find it difficult or confusing to remember all the different things and what they mean. Additionally, these Snapchat emojis are determined by Snapchat’s algorithm and may change based on your activity, which may result in unexpected changes to your friendship status or difficulty understanding the Snapchat emojis.


Emoticons used in the Snapchat emoji app are used to indicate different degrees of friendship and interaction. For knowing your relationship status with other users, they offer a visual shorthand. These Snapchat emojis offer a playful and expressive touch to your Snapchat experience, representing everything from best friends to mutual friends and the frequency of traded snaps. They improve the platform’s overall communication and social component by enabling you to find and connect with your closest relationships rapidly. You may navigate and better understand the dynamics of your Snapchat connections by being familiar with the meanings of Snapchat emojis.

The icons on Snapchat often stand in for various app features and functions, such as the send icon (a blue arrow), the chat icon (a speech bubble), and the camera icon (a ghost), which is used to access the camera and create snaps.

On Snapchat, the heart emoji stands for liking or appreciating someone’s snap or message.

The peach emoji is frequently used to express attractiveness or suggestiveness. When used by a boy, it may be a flirtatious gesture or a fun, teasing one.

Since both emojis stand for many facets of friendship and engagement, how one chooses to interpret whether or not or is better relies on personal preferences and the degree of connection one values.

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